Scout of Imladris



On the Lookout


Alert and Ready


Overlooking the Wilds


Finding the Path

Dressed in shades of brown and umber, this archer blends in with the autumnal landscape of the wooded lands surrounding Imladris. His garments are crafted of intricately tooled leather, though dyed in an unassuming color. At either side of his belt, a dagger hangs at the ready, and another is tucked into his gauntlet. Swift, silent, and watchful, he is the the eyes and ears of Imladris, keeping watch over the hidden valley, the home of those he loves.

I have always loved the understated but elegant tooled-leather look of the Lothlorien guild crafted armor, and knew that I had to make an outfit with them for my hunter. The chest, legs, and boots in this outfit are lookalikes from some of the Moria medium armor class sets, and there is also a barterable cosmetic version available at the skirmish camp vendor. When the Summer Festival of 2015 rolled along, I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely Cloak of Nárië which was among the new rewards. The pattern and unique shape of the cloak suggested something which might fit with this outfit, and I am quite happy with the result. The center dyeable part of the cloak has a rather strange tint to it, and so I tried to match the rest of the outfit as best as I could. I first saw these shoulders in the lovely Elven Flowers outfit from the cosmeticlotro blog, but the link was to an outdated item which was obsolete after the level cap was raised to 85. Luckily, I was able to find a lookalike, which is either the hunter shoulders from the Dar Narbugund raid set, or the hunter shoulders bartered from the class trainer in Ost Galadh.

Chest: August Coat of the Golden Wood, dyed Walnut Brown – T6 Tailor Crafted Lothlorien Guild Recipe, OR Ceremonial Jacket of the Shield-Wall – Skirmish Camp Cosmetic Vendor (Moria Medium Armor), OR Trapsetter’s Jacket – Moria hunter trainer.

Note: The Moria class sets for other medium-armor classes should have similar looking pieces to the chest/legs/shoulders in this outfit.

Legs: August Leggings of the Golden Wood , dyed Walnut Brown- T6 Crafted, OR Ceremonial Leggings of the Quiet-step – Skirmish Cosmetic Vendor, OR Leggings of the Swift Arrow – Moria hunter trainer

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady’s Discernment,  dyed Walnut Brown – Dar Narbugund Raid set from hunter trainer in Caras Galadhon, OR Shoulders of the Swift Arrow – Ost Galadh hunter trainer

Head: Tactical Eastemnet Assault Circlet, dyed Black- T8 Tailor crafted

Hands: Lesser Secret of the West Gauntlets, dyed Walnut Brown – barter at Novices’ Quartermaster in Harndirion (not class restricted)

Feet: August Boots of the Golden Wood, dyed Walnut Brown – T6 Tailor Crafted Lothlorien Guild Recipe, OR Ceremonial Boots of the Quiet Step– Skirmish Camp Cosmetic Vendor (Moria Medium Armor), OR Boots of the Swift Arrow – Moria hunter trainer

Back: Cloak of Nárië,  dyed Walnut Brown – 2015 Summer Festival Reward

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