Shieldmaiden of the Riddermark





Shoulders: Enduring Great River Pauldrons of Deflection, dyed Grey – Tailor T7 Crafted. Same cosmetic appearance as Potent Combat Pauldrons of Théodred, and the non-guild medium pauldrons recipe for this tier Resilient Westfold Skirmish Pauldrons

Hands: Gloves of the Hammerhanddefault color  –  Helm’s Deep premium edition reward

Chest: Boar Clansman Sentry’s Jacket, dyed Rivendell Green  – quest reward, other lookalikes here

Feet: Enduring Wildermore Boots of Combat dyed Grey – T8 guild crafted

Back: Embroidered Norcrofts Cloak, dyed Rivendell Green – barter with Silver Tokens of the Eastemnetwith Eastemnet Miscellany Barterer

Shield: Ides’ Sturdy Buckler- Norcrofts Quest Reward (Note: the quest “Desire Above Strength” offers Ides’ Sturdy Buckler and Ides’ Honed Sword as rewards, so it is not possible to choose both rewards on the same character)

Sword: Ides’ Honed Sword – Norcrofts quest reward from “Desire Above Strength”


Head: Light Halter of the Norcrofts, dyed Green – Norcrofts quest reward from The Corrupted Matrons”

Body: Light caparison of the Norcrofts, dyed Green – Norcrofts quest reward from “The Enduring Menace”

Saddle: Light Saddle of the Norcrofts – Norcrofts quest reward from “The Elfward”

Legs: Light Leggings of the Norcrofts, dyed Green – Norcrofts quest reward from “All That Remains

Hide: Dun dye

Mane/Tail: Blonde Dye

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