Scholar of the Twilight Wood




An elf walks below the golden boughs in the half-light of Lothlórien, with a quiet and thoughtful expression on her brow. She stops to meditate by one of the many crystal lamps which light the deepening twilight, and begins to write. Her robe is short, and suited for wandering outside among the grasses and flowers of the Golden Wood. With parchment and pen ready at her side, she is ready to capture any thoughts which may occur to her in a moment of inspiration, beneath the star-crowned branches of the Mallorn trees.

This outfit was inspired by the gorgeous Robe of Faramir’s Faithful which became available with Update 16. It is unfortunately not easily acquired, as it must be bartered with Morgul Crests, which drop from T2 instances in the East Gondor Osgiliath cluster. As of Update 17, Roving Threats in all areas of Eriador and Gondor also have a chance (albeit a small one) of dropping Morgul Crests. I built the rest of the outfit around this robe, which has a unique texture and very elven-looking embroidery which reminds me of stars in the twilight sky. Undyed, all the Faramir’s Faithful items have a unique color which is slightly darker than the Steel Blue dye color available ingame, and complements the star motifs and white areas of the robe perfectly. The feather-like motifs on the Shoulders of Faramir’s Faithful are echoed in the Cloak of the Ibis, one of my favorite store-exclusive cloaks ingame. Steel blue dye works perfectly with the twilight hues of Lothlórien, after the sun has set and the stars are beginning to appear in the sky.

Head: Circlet of Faramir’s Faithful, default color

Shoulders: Shoulders of Faramir’s Faithful, default color

Chest: Robe of Faramir’s Faithful, default color – Quartermaster (Osgiliath Reward Vendor)

Hands: Leather Bracers of the Learned Stag, dyed Black – Dunland quest reward, with several look-alikes available in that region

Feet: Runemaker’s Shoes, dyed Black – lv 65 Barad Guldur armor, Skirmish Camp Classic Vendor

Back: Cloak of the Ibis, dyed Steel Blue – LOTRO store

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