Taking Flight




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A gentle breath of spring upon the wind,

The sway of silk upon the breeze,

The flutter of snow-white wings in the air,

All these are to the  Eldar tokens of the Wind-Lord,

Manwë Súlimo, who watches from Taniquetil

Over lands broken by Ages of tumult.

“Of the airs and winds Manwë most had pondered, who is the noblest of the Ainur.”

– Quenta Silmarillion, Ainulindalë: The Music of the Ainur

“For Manwë to whom all birds are dear, and to whom they bring news upon Taniquetil from Middle-earth, had sent forth the race of Eagles, commanding them to dwell in the crags of the North, and to keep watch upon Morgoth; for Manwë still had pity for the exiled Elves. And the Eagles brought news of much that passed in those days to the sad ears of Manwë.”

– Quenta Silmarillion, Of the Return of the Noldor

“But dost thou not now remember, Kementári, that thy thought sang not always alone? Did not thy thought and mine meet also, so that we took wing together like great birds that soar above the clouds? That also shall come to be by the heed of Iluvatar, and before the Children awake there shall go forth with wings like the wind the Eagles of the Lords of the West.”

– Quenta Silmarillion, Of Aulë and Yavanna

This outfit all began from a staff I acquired while doing the Volume I epic quest in Forochel. The wing design, adorned with a blue gem, inspired me to match it with an outfit. The staff is not unique, as I could have sworn I saw the same cosmetic skin on a staff of level 45-50 which might have been a quest reward in Angmar, but I do not have any further information unfortunately. As of Update 16.2, weapons can be equipped cosmetically, making it more fun to mix and match outfits and staves on my Lore-Master. The Elf-Queen’s dress dyes in a unique shade, always significantly lighter than the base dye, and has a beautiful sheen to it. The wing motif on the staff is echoed in the Swan-Cloak, and more subtly in the white and silver detailing of the shoulders. The shoulders I used in this outfit are from the level 75  minstrel set, barterable (class-restricted) in the Ox-Clan Camp, but the appearance of the shoulders is the same for the Lore-master and Rune-keeper sets.

Head: Circlet of Fresh-picked Flowers, dyed Turquoise – Farmer’s Faire reward

Shoulders: Shoulder Pads of Resolve, dyed White – Minstrel trainer in Ox-Clan Camp, Dunland

Chest: Elf-Queen’s Dress, dyed Dark Green – Chance to drop from Spring Festival boxes, or LOTRO store

Back: Swan-Cloak, dyed Turquoise – Chance to drop from Lootboxes, AH, or LOTRO store

Staff: Staff of Keriä – Epic Volume I, Book 13, Chapter 1 quest reward

2 thoughts on “Taking Flight

  1. Beautiful outfit! Images of birds and flowers make for a wonderful spring theme. I think that dress was a perfect choice too. It has a wonderfully delicate and airy texture and dyes ever so lightly.

    I look forward to seeing what else you create!

    Liked by 1 person

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